Huddle Rooms in San Jose.
To enhance and modernize your business location, theaudiovisual professionals at AV Structural INC offer the design and construction of innovative huddle rooms.
This revolutionary idea is transforming the way businessesoperate and teams work cooperatively.
Huddle rooms are deliberately andstrategically small and are meeting spaces featuring the latest in conferencingand display technology .
Adding a huddle room to your business will help tofacilitate staff communication , improve staff productivity, and serve as afunctional and versatile space to meet and plan.
For more information about huddle rooms, or to receive a free estimate, contact us today.
Huddle Rooms: The Ultimate Small, Collaborative Workspace.
Places of business and office spaces have traditionally beencharacterized by vast, open spaces.
However, recent studies have shown thatopen office plans actually decrease productivity and reduce opportunities for collaboration .
At AV Structural INC we are committed to helping businessestransform their operations into the future with state-of-the-art technology andequipment in the workplace.
We specialize in all areas of audiovisualtechnology, .

Thursday January 01, 1970

Including: Integration

We even make expert recommendations based on your needs.
Within your enterprise, we can install a space-efficienthuddle room, typically designed to accommodate up to five people.
Collaborationis central to innovation, and we can install a collaborative space designed toencourage close communication and brainstorming.
The latest in technology andamenities will add new dimensions of usefulness.
Reach out to one of our representatives today to learn moreabout huddle rooms.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Dependable Installation of Huddle Rooms and Communication Technologies

Your huddle room will be designed and finished according toyour exact specifications.
You’ll be able to choose from a number of featuresand styles, for a look that complements your work location.
AV Structural INC will recommend and install the greatest,most modern technologies for your new huddle room.
Your options will include: Regular or Interactive Whiteboards.
Smart Boards.
Video Conferencing Solutions.
LED or LCD Monitors.

Multimedia Presentation Supplies

Most huddle rooms include tables and chairs, however,standing rooms are also popular options.
Based on the needs of your business and industry, we canhelp you select the best equipment and configurations for your business.
Yourhuddle room will serve as the location of many of your business’s majordecisions and activities and will add tremendous versatility and value to yourbusiness location.

Innovative Audiovisual Conference Room Designs

We have been offering our expertise in audiovisualtechnology for many years.
Our industry expertise is unmatched, and our keensense of the future is reflected in our state-of-the-art inventory of productsand equipment.
Our clients are deeply impressed with the quality of bothour products and services, prompt availability, and competitive pricing.
Withour combination of proven traditional methods and groundbreaking technologies,we will equip your business for the future.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Transform Your Place of Business with a Huddle Room

A huddle room can offer many possibilities to your business,offering well-equipped multipurpose space for all of your needs.
To learn more about the difference a huddle room can make for your business, set up a consultation with us today.
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