Since they got together as a couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been known for their not-so-traditional ways. But they recently took things to a whole new level when they shocked the world with an unprecedented decision that marks a new chapter in the history of the royal family. The young royals have announced that they are about to take a step back from their current duties as senior members of the British monarchy.
First Steps
Frogmore Cottage will reportedly remain the Sussex family’s official residence as they still support the British monarchy
The news of the Sussexes’ departure is certainly a shock to many. However, the couple was already seemingly distancing themselves and their small family from the regular trappings of traditional royal life for months already.
There’s their notable decision to live in a separate home outside Kensington Palace, where Prince Harry has actually resided since he was a boy. Deciding to move into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, they effectively parted ways with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family.
And now, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are busy trying to build a life even further away from the British monarchy. Calling their plan a ‘new working model, the couple revealed on their new official website that they’re still a part of the royal family but will be financially independent.
Becoming Financially Independent
The family of three will be dividing their time between North America and the United Kingdom
It is presumed that their quest for independence entails them buying a private home. Another implication of their decision is that they will no longer get a part of the Sovereign Grant as they are now free to earn their own keep. Other members of the royal family are not allowed to the latter as the Grant provides them housing and pays for their office expenses.
Aside from this though, Prince Harry and his brother Prince William were both eligible to receive money from their father Prince Charles’ duchy (Cornwall). This annual income reportedly amounted to $6.4 million for the brothers in the previous year.
If the Duke of Sussex will still receive his share of this handout, his household can potentially combine this income with those from other streams like sponsorships, book deals and the like to retain a comfortable lifestyle.
A Call to the Past
Simpson was married twice before tying the knot with Prince Edward
Due to the nature of their announcement, comparisons between the couple and the infamous Prince Edward, who is Prince Harry’s great grand uncle and his wife Wallis Simpson have been made once again.
It can be remembered that the late royal shocked the world in the 1930s when he gave up his throne to marry Simpson, who was an American divorcee (like Markle). Prince Edward spent the rest of his life in exile living in France with brief returns to the United Kingdom.
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