People who work certain jobs know the importance of proper presentation and dressing professionally. While most have gotten the hang of work-appropriate dressing, there’s still the fact that buying new pieces for one’s professional wardrobe can get quite expensive. Luckily, there are many ways a person can revamp their work outfits without spending an entire paycheck by thinking creatively.
Closet Purging & Clothes Swapping
Start by purging your closet of pieces you no longer wear but are still presentable
Thrifting is all the rage these days. It gives people the opportunity to not further contribute to the pollution caused by the fashion industry while getting affordable deals on stylish finds. Not everyone’s a fan of it though for a variety of reasons.
As an alternative, people can host their own clothes swap party with colleagues and friends. This way one can try out new styles while still knowing exactly where their ‘new’ clothes come from. What more, the party can serve as a nice bonding experience for a friend group. Meanwhile, pieces that didn’t find a new home in a friend’s closet can then be donated to shelters or Goodwill.
Stick To Neutral Color Staples
Having neutral basics also allows people to get dressed faster when they’re in a rush.
A good work wardrobe should have staples like basic shirts, blouses, jackets and pencil skirts in neutral colors. This would make pairing and matching items much easier since neutrals typically go with everything. Color can be added with shoes, bags or accessories instead. People who can only splurge on a number of pieces should do so for basics and staples. Buying bold and statement pieces can come later down the road of one’s career, perhaps after a raise or promotion
Create New Outfits
Making lookbooks beforehand can help you get dressed faster in the morning without resorting to your go-to pieces.
After years of dressing up for work, people have probably already gotten used to wearing certain clothing combinations. It may sometimes feel like they’ve got nothing left exciting to wear in their closet. But that may not be the case. Inviting a friend over on a weekend and working together to create new outfits and work lookbooks may just be what one needs to revamp their wardrobe. Consider recording new looks by taking photographs of them for later reference. One can also make outfits based on the season and even work event they might have coming up.
Print Mixing
Feeling a bit adventurous? Get creative juices flowing and try out mixing prints when thinking of work outfits. Start with the basics by matching plaids with leopard print pieces or by going bold with pairing stripes and floral. Just remember to at least choose pieces that have at least one color common. This would make a look come together despite the different prints.
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