Soul Rich Woman
Filipino women entrepreneurs who are members of Soul Rich Woman, an online business platform, have chosen to brand themselves as the online famous. The founder of the members-only network, Genecia Alluora Luo said the branding will help them connect with their desired customers.
That trait is unique to the Filipinos and also provides them with a competitive edge. She said the Philippines havea unique trend and that is the basis of her love for the market there.
Member of SRW have chosen to brand themselves as the online famous
Luo who is a beauty queen was crowned Miss Singapore International 2006. She was also crowned Miss Singapore Chinese Cosmos 2011. She established SRW in the Philippines about one year ago.
Members of Network
Currently, the network has more than three hundred Filipino members. On a broader look, it has about 11,000 members across the Southeast Asia. SRW also has presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand.
The network focuses on the development ofwhat Luo describes as the three core factors driving female entrepreneurship. The factors include self-belief, networking and skills.
To become a member, you can sign up for free on their official website here. However, there is a small fee to pay before you can gain access to the educational resources the community offers.
The resources include 10,000 hours of different online tutorials. It also gives you access to networking sessions in your locality as well as personal mentorship relationship with important business leaders. You also get access to templates for business-starter.
The primary factors driving female entrepreneurship are self-belief, networking and skills.
Network’s Activities
In the Philippines, the network has 2 community leaders as managers. These community leaders work in conjunction with the head office of the network which is situated in Singapore. A life coach, the two leaders and one supplements providers are the ones in charge of sharing knowledge as well as business expertise among the SRW members, most especially on matters of online marketing.
Luo said the members are taught how they can attract more customers. She added that they arealso taught the creation of products that people would want and that is the reason for members’education. Luo stated that one secret to the domination of target markets is an understanding of buyer psychology.
She added that the network offers training on more than digital marketing. Luo describes that as only a sweeping term for the teachings of SRW. She expressed that the network is also about how the members can attract attention online and also build their brands. She notedthat SEO isn’t sufficient in the process of building a brand.
Challenges And Solutions
Luo said one peculiar challenge to the members of the SRW members in Philippines is that they need to work on overcoming their preference for selling only to people in their close circle. She explained that most of them prefer to sell to their friends and that has made them used to employing offline methods. Whenever they post on Facebook or Instagram they only hope for likes or follows.
However, she said friends will eventually run out. Also, several stores exists online and the chances of making sales only by posting are slim. Thus, the network considers how their members can effectively maximize their presence across the various platforms and establish their own voices.
Luo in addition to being the head of SRW also set up Queez*8. Business Group. It is an umbrella organization consisting of companies like QueenzKing, QueenzApps which is an e-commerce developer and QueenzKing. In the Philippines, Luo also has plans to carry out an expansion of the SRW through conducting physical workshops all across the country. A lot of their members have their base in Metro Manila. Luo, however, said they have started getting inquires from different regions.
The primary factors driving female entrepreneurship are self-belief, networking and skills.
Luo has been working ever since she was just 14 years and she has a simple advice for people who are indecisive about starting their business.
She told them to just go ahead and get it done.She said that procrastination robs one of opportunity. She advised that those who are interested can easily use the knowledge contained on the network’s platform to kickstart things.
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