“The customer is always right”– Marshall Field

Pháp vs Luxembourg : Ai cản nỗi Mbappe ?
Sunday September 03, 2017

Chuyên gia Vwin nhận định vòng loại World Cup .Pháp vs Luxembourg, 01h45 ngày 04/9 Nhà cái Vwin dự báo tỷ số : 5 – 0 Chuyên gia Vwin nhận định : Sau chiến thắng hủy diệt trước Hà Lan con đường tới World Cup đang gần với các học trò của Didier Deschamps hơn bao giờ

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You must have heard this quote at one time or another. In fact, it has become the golden rule for almost every business in this world. That’s why most businesses trying their utmost to deliver a high-quality customer service to all clients. If customers are happy and satisfied, they will keep coming back. Customers’ 5-star reviews and compliments serve lifelines in building business’ trust, credibility, and integrity.
However, keeping clients satisfied is easier said than done. We cannot deny that no matter how hard we try, we’re imperfect. Unforeseen situations come and leave customers with a bad impression about a particular business. Sometimes, we fail to deliver the output that our customers expect. These bad impressions often make us feel humiliated, and our natural reaction is to end any transactions with that particular client.
Here’s  how to fix a bad client relationship and transform them into your satisfied, loyal clients!

Tây Ban Nha vs Italia : Tiki -Taka Đấu Catenaccio . Ai sẽ thắng ?
Friday September 01, 2017

Chuyên gia Vwin nhận định vòng loại World Cup .Tây Ban Nha vs Italia 01h45, 03/09 Nhà cái Vwin dự báo tỷ số : 0 – 1 Chuyên gia Vwin nhận định : Tây Ban Nha và Italia đều cùng có 16 điểm nhưng Italia xếp sau do kém về hiệu số . Đội bóng nào dành được thắng

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Praise and criticism seem to me to operate exactly on the same level. If you get a great review, it’s really thrilling for about ten minutes. If you get a bad review, it’s really crushing for ten minutes. Either way, you go on. – Ann Patchett

 Recognize the Issue
The culprit behind an unsatisfied or bad review or complaint is a problem. It is important to trace the root cause of the bad client relationship as it will guide you on what steps to take next.
For example, if a customer didn’t receive the product he or she expected, ask your courier what happened to the products you shipped. If not, it may be that there’s a problem in the packaging and your staff failed to ship the products on time. Whatever it is, try to troubleshoot to identify and isolate the problem. The moment you recognize the problem, you can then take the necessary steps to correct it.
 Don’t Let Your Ego Stand in The Way to Apologize
Whenever you receive a negative review or criticism, your immediate natural reaction would be to be defensive. Of course, someone is threatening to ruin your image, so it would be natural to stand up and defend yourself. However, you must not hold on to your ego long enough to ignore your customers. Remember the golden rule above? Yes. The customer is always right. You’re in a business, and your mission is to give a great customer service. 
It is important to apologize. Even if you felt like they’re wrong, apologize anyway. This will show that you’re genuine and humble enough to recognize your mistakes and you’re willing to correct it.  Also, don’t forget to thank them. If it weren’t for their negative reviews, you wouldn’t be able to realize the flaws you have in your current business model.
 Respond in a polite and timely manner

Whenever you receive a negative review, your customer is genuinely unhappy. Therefore, don’t try to level their rage with your own, as it’ll only aggravate things. What you need to do, instead, is to respond to them in a polite, kind, and calm way. When they’re calm, they’re most likely willing to coordinate with you in solving the problem at hand.
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Link sopcast Acestream trận AC Milan vs Real Betis (23h55 ngày 25/10)
Thursday October 25, 2018

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